Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Mailbox Treats!

Everyone seems to be sounding the death-knell of periodical print media, and they're probably right.  After all Ghostbuster Egon Spengler declared, "Print is dead," twenty-seven years ago.  He may finally be right.  But, until then, let me suggest a few magazines I think are worth the sacrifice of a tree or two.

Fast Company

The magazine for business futurists.  For years, it's been an MBA for the rest of us--combining business sensibility with never-even-seen-"the box"-creativity with a mega-dose of snark.  If you're a fan of the status quo, this is NOT the magazine for you.  But if you want to see what's coming down the road in the business world, pick it up.  Oh, the art design is pretty good, too.

On the reading table
Hobby Farm Home

What a wonderful magazine!  Chock-full of recipes, craft ideas, garden and farm tips.  Targeting the "hobby" farmer, it includes tips on marketing, crop selection, country living, home care, and keeping your sense of humor when Mother Nature throws her best at you!

Mother Earth News 

The grand dame of the organic hobby farming interest magazines, often referred to simply as "Mother."  For a while it seemed a bit "out there" but, lately, has tempered some of its more extreme rhetoric with, um, facts.  Rest assured; Mother still knows what is right.  These days, however, she seems inclined to give you the facts and let you decide for yourself.  Thank you, Mother.

Mary Janes Farm 

I could look at this magazine for hours without reading a word.  Sometimes I cut out the pages just because they're pretty.  But Mary Janes Farm is not just another pretty face; she is a modern-day traditional girl.  Written to appeal to the "farmgirl" in all of us, she brightens our day with craft ideas, recipes, gardening tips, and reader submissions.  Enjoy with a cup of honeyed tea on a sparkling summer morning!

Garden & Gun 

named, this magazine contains some of the best writing I've seen in a while.  Add artfully composed pictures, and beautiful, beautiful people, and you have a taste of the Southern life most of us wish we could afford.  You might find a few recipes, and an occasional garden tip, but you will find a slice of the South, with a capital $.

Cowboys & Indians 

This is my guilty pleasure.  The cover article is usually good, but the art direction in this magazine is just top-notch.  It's like getting a coffee-table book in every issue.  Beautiful scenery, beautiful clothes, beautiful people, beautifully photographed and exquisitely published.  Oh, my.

So, in between reading great pieces of literature (which is the equivalent of a luscious meal), enjoy a few literary snacks!

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