Friday, January 30, 2015

Devouring A Book on Edible Landscaping

It seems I've been tying up some loose ends, reading-wise.  A year after starting it, I've finally finished Rosalind Creasy's beautiful Edible Landscaping.  In a warm, engaging style, Creasy leads the reader through the design process with chapters like
  • The Evolution of Landscaping
  • Laying the Groundwork
  • Creating a Landscape Plan
  • Design Basics
  • Designing with Herbs
  • Designing with Vegetables
  • Designing with Fruits, Berries, and Nuts
  • Designing for Small Spaces
Each chapter is beautifully illustrated with color photographs and drawings.  Each "A Gallery of Design Ideas" is an especial delight.

Following these "teaching" chapters is "An Encyclopedia of Edibles" which lists all of the common and most of the uncommon edible annuals and perennials along with cultivation and recipe ideas.

The appendices contain detailed information on "Planting and Maintenance," and "Pests and Diseases," followed by an extensive list of "Sources and Resources."

Even though the emphasis is on design, this is, at heart, a gardening book that is as informative as it is beautiful.  While it is lovely enough to earn a ceremonial place on my coffee table, the truth is that it will be there because I will be reaching for it again and again for information, for inspiration, and for its beauty.

It's a lovely book which will inspire a lovely, edible garden.

What Savory book are reading?


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